This Is The Beginning

Welcome one and all to the inaugural post of our 1898 House blog. Happy to have you visiting! This will be a place to tell stories of our lovely 5-FREE lacquers, excellent Blind Boxes, treatments and share musings on life and art. Art, experiences and memories compel us here at 1898 House; this space will serve to inform about the hows and whys, the what-have-you's of our operation.

Our first matter is to speak of the semioticresonance of the name of our debut color collection, This Is The Beginning. (*Quick, highly simplified definition of semiotics: the study of signs and symbols) We are appreciators of music, as can be evidenced by our colors, Glitter & Be Gay, Doctor Rock, and Drop DSimilarly our debut collection's name is an allusion to the 2007 Nine Inch Nails concept album Year Zero (Halo 24). The second track on the album is titled The Beginning of the End, a foreboding song of a science fiction totalitarian future. A seemingly strange origin for a collection name perhaps, yet this album is evocative of the time when I fell in love with my husband. The album debuted in the spring of '07 when we started dating and we were enamored of it and each other. Listening to Year Zero will always bring to mind the first moments of our grand love affair. What better way to honor the music of early love and our continued life together than to dub our first collection with a lyric from that most personally precious of albums. 

Thank you kindly for reading. Stay well and be cool. 

With Gratitude,

Leanne Kubicz