Hand Model Extraordinaire

In the 1993 episode of Seinfeld titled The Puffy Shirt, George Costanza is discovered by a modeling agent. Inexplicably, the always-dodgy George has "extraordinary" hands and is offered work as a hand model. Absurdities and mishaps proceed to crush George's idea of a glamorous hand modeling career, of course, as this is a Seinfeld episode. I've always adored this episode for the ludicrous idea that George would become a model of any sort and the observation that hand modeling is highly subjective.

What makes an ideal-looking hand? Nothing at all, other than having a hand. In our photography we use non-hand models for realism(check out our Instagram, that's me!). If you're a person of basically any age you will probably have scars, crooked fingers, wonky nails or some other feature that does not fit into the "perfect hands" aesthetic seen in a good deal of popular media. That's normal and should never be a factor in how you feel about the way your hands look. Those seeming imperfections tell the story of your life and make you distinct. Be proud of your broken fingers and bulging veins; they are an integral part of you! 

Cheers all, rock those hands! 

Leanne Kubicz